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Hello Ultium

Explore all the reasons an electric vehicle powered by Ultium is right for you.

Welcome to going from A to B in an EV. Discover the benefits of driving an EV powered by Ultium, GM’s game-changing EV battery platform.


What is Ultium?

Ultium is a game-changing electric
vehicle platform

Built on a flexible battery architecture

For the production of EVs across
different vehicle types

With outstanding power, range
and performance

How is Ultium going to change my life?

Ultium gives you EV choices

Provides a thrilling driving experience

Makes it easy for you to stay charged

And offers you the range to hit the road with confidence

Are you a battery geek and want to know how Ultium works?

We’ve got your battery geek details right here.


  • Great Handling
  • Fast Acceleration
  • Quiet Ride

Designed to thrill

Once you feel the thrill of electric, there's no going back. The Ultium generation of EVs by General Motors are as responsive as they are powerful. Ultium enables a near 50/50 weight distribution of the vehicle and a lower center of gravity, which together result in a vehicle that's sporty, responsive and allows for spirited driving.

Feel the rush

Ultium doesn't just go the distance, it can get there fast. Imagine yourself in a 2022 GMC HUMMER EV Pickup capable of going from a GM estimated 0 to 60 in three seconds2. Now that’s electric.

Feel the serenity

An EV engine is quiet. Which makes the EV driving experience both quiet on the outside and the inside. You can listen to your favorite podcast and not miss a single word.


Engineered to go the distance

From daily commutes to weekend road trips, the Ultium Platform offers you the range1 to reach your destination and beyond.


When it comes to charging, you’re in charge

Recharges when you do

While some days you might spend hours on the road, commuting to work or running errands, often the vehicles we drive are simply parked. And that's a lot of free time to recharge. Whether you use at-home or public charging stations, simply plug in and let it power up while you power down.

Take charge of your charge

Convenient charging shouldn't be a luxury; it should be for everybody. Ultium Charge 360, our holistic approach to charging, will integrate charging networks, available GM mobile apps5 and other products and services to simplify and improve your charging experience.


One battery fits all

Will an EV fit your lifestyle? We’re making sure it will. From luxury and performance cars to daily commuters, pickups and SUVs, the modular Ultium Platform can power EVs of every type and at every price point.

Advantage: battery power

Electric batteries can be repurposed toward the end of their life cycle, while gasoline is a finite resource. EVs also use regenerative braking6, which results in increased brake pad life and fewer brake pad and rotor replacements during the lifecycle of the vehicle.