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3.9-4.2L/100km on a 102km/hr with the engine revving at 1400rpm!

I don't doubt it can run 900+ km's in one single tank!

***Let's do quick math:***

My average is 5.2L/100km
(Average driver, neither soft or aggressive)
Gas tank capacity: 52 Litres
= around 1000km/ tank ( city/hi-way combined)

Average driving 20,000km/year (55km/day)
Diesel gas price: year round up to $1.10/L

Total $$ on gas/ year: $1040
That is equivalent to $20/week!

NOW! the average driver spends around $250/month on gas, which is $3000/year.

Cruze Diesel engine is an added cost of around let's say $3000.

With the saving of gas money, I'd be able to recoup the money I spent forward on the engine in 80 weeks. (around 1 year & 7 months)

And after 80 weeks, total money I spent on gas cars is exactly equals to the diesel Cruze I bought.
(Assuming all maintenance are the same price throughout 5 years term)

I will start saving money from then, and if I finance the car for 5 years, I'd save $9800.00 + the 2 years free oil changes offered by GM (around $70/ change on diesel x 4= $280)

So think it this way, me and my sister both bought a Cruze, she drives a gas, and I drive a diesel, my purchase price is higher by $3000, but after our 5 years lease ends, (assuming insurance rates are the same), she will be spending $$$10,080.00 more than me!

I pretty much have saved up enough money to lower my payments by $70-$80/ month on my next car if I don't want to spend on unexpected costs after warranty expires.

Ok, what if I exaggerated? Then divide that $10,000 by half, still over $5000 in saving. So what's the reason not to go this route?

And by the way, Diesel engine will give me higher in trade value than gas, so there you go, $3000 more that I have paid up front have been paid back (after depreciation let's say $1500, add that to the $5000 I've saved, that's $6500 total still!)

Darn, I love these numbers!

This short article is from Peter Chen's Facebook. Ask Peter about the Chevy Cruze Diesel, email:

To learn more about the 2017 Chevrolet Cruze, contact us today at Vickar Chevrolet. 

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