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Hundreds of people came to visit Vickar Community Chevrolet yesterday to celebrate their achievement of being the Top Volume Seller of Pre-Owned Vehicles otherwise known as the Top Gun Award from ADESA. Lunch was provided by ADESA with Abas Catering and was absolutely delicious. As well it was a great opportunity to also announce the exciting Sales Marketing Guild Awards.

Larry Vickar and his son Sam extended a big thank you to ADESA and everyone for doing their part as this Top Gun award could not have been accomplished without a full team effort, as well as a thanks to those who came down to Vickar Community Chevrolet to celebrate.

Sales Marketing Guild awards went out to:

  • Dave Enns – Gold
  • Andrew Enns - Silver
  • Courtney Guest – Silver
  • Reg Harder – Silver Fleet Excellence Award
  • Trevor Maraj – Bronze

These awards are presented based on such things as:

  • Vehicle Sales
  • Product Knowledge tests and exams
  • Sales CSI (surveys from customers)
  • Annual training held outside the dealership

The first-time award winners receive a plaque and a medallion and subsequent winners receive a medallion to add to their plaque they already got (a plaque can hold 5 total medallions).

Joey Abas, who is the General Sales Manager of ADESA, when asked what would be important to highlight about today’s event, he responded by saying that the work that we do in the community as the Vickar Group is something to be proud about and should never be forgotten.

Thank you to everyone for the support!


TOP GUN AWARD - Vickar Chevrolet

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