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Many people are always confused about the OnStar system and myChevolet app. They have some similar features while the major difference between the two is OnStar includes emergency and security service, and the myChevrolet doesn't.  The myChevrolet is a mobile app that provides features like remote vehicle access and information for Chevrolet vehicles. 

The myChevrolet has real-time information for users, like vehicle status. You can even save your parked location on the app.  Besides, it allows you to manage OnStar's Wi-Fi hotspot usage and personalize the user\name and password anytime.  The best thing about myChevrolet is it’s FREE for 5 YEARS

The OnStar also gets a mobile app with some of the features that myChevrolet has, like view vehicle diagnostics information, lock/unlock the door, etc. It’s your choice to use either of them.


However, like I have said in the beginning, OnStar also provides the Emergency(SOS), Security, and Navigation Service, the buttons are mostly under the rearview mirror.

When you have any accidents, you can press the SOS button.  OnStar provides Automatic Crash Response, Emergency Services, and Crisis Assist.  The system can locate where your vehicle is and an OnStar Advisor can immediately connect your vehicle to see if you need help.  The advisor can direct emergency services to your exact location and offer critical assistance until help arrives. 
Yet, OnStar receives monthly fees for the emergency, security, and navigation services after 6 months of free trial. 

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