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     Vickar Community Chevrolet has always made an extra effort to be welcoming to new Canadians.  One example of that effort is our incentive to new arrivals to our community under General Motors’ “Welcome to Canada” program.

     Says Vickar sales manager Devin Cuscito, “through General Motors special offer, we are able to offer new migrants $1,000 off the purchase of their first vehicles”.

     The deal specifically applies to individuals who have come to Canada since 2013 and hold a valid Permanent Resident Card - or temporary workers with a valid work permit. The “Welcome to Canada Bonus” offer can be combined with our other retail discounts and partner programs which really adds up to savings.

      Applicants must have a valid Canadian driver’s licence to be eligible. As well, vehicles must be registered in the name of the eligible individual- although the vehicles can be co-titled with a spouse, or financing/leasing co-signer.

      While this deal is available through other GM dealers, Cuscito points out that where Vickar Chevrolet stands out is the dealership to help the new car buyer finance his purchase through Vickar’s in-house financing department – a service not all dealers can offer.

     “We know how difficult it can be for people new to Canada to get a line of credit,” Cuscito says.  “That first car loan is always the hardest.  And finding a place to live is vitally important.  It is understandable that most newcomers can’t afford to blow a lot of money up front on the purchase of a vehicle.

      “Through our in-house financing, we make it easier for you to finance your first purchase. And we hope that after helping you get that first loan, you will be equally happy with our service and come back for future purchases. 

     “And once you have established your credit credentials, we can also help you arrange bank financing.”

     So far, Cuscito reports, all newcomers who have taken advantage of the “Welcome to Canada Bonus” offer have been very happy with the buying experience and their new vehicles.

     For more information about  the “Welcome to Canada Bonus” offer and how Vickar Chevrolet can help you in buying your vehicle, either phone; 204 661-8391 or drop into the store at 964 Regent Avenue W. 

      There is a reason that Vickar Community Chevrolet is where “customers send their friends”.  Come in and find out.


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