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Reasons why the Chevrolet Colorado is best in its class: from fuel efficiency to high powered performance.

Reg Harder, one of our commercial vehicle sales & specialist, drove the 2017 Colorado Duramax 4WD with the 2.8 turbo diesel on a road trip from Winnipeg to Chicago then picked up a 5,700 lbs. trailer in Elkhart Indiana, then pulled it back to Winnipeg. He shared his experience and actual numbers that show why the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado is the best in its class. 

The drive was pleasant and very comfortable; you won’t realize you’re driving a diesel because you don’t hear the engine but when pulling the trailer the torque and performance are fantastic. The fuel mileage was checked while driving and it was very impressive.

They started with a full tank of fuel from St. Vital Winnipeg, Manitoba and proceeded south on the 75 hwy to the US border crossing in Pembina, North Dakota. Driving on the I-29 to Fargo at 75 MPH the Chevrolet Colorado averaged 9.3 Liters per100 Km. Turned west on highway 94 driving at 65 MPH, the fuel efficiency improved to 8.5 L per 100 km all the way to Minneapolis. 

Their first fill up was at in Minneapolis and we filled the truck of fuel for just $41.00. From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to Minneapolis, Minnesota, the USA roughly 736 kms apart, the cost of the full tank of gas was just $41.00 similar to a sedan. 

They then drove to Chicago and on to Elkhart Indiana and picked up a 5,700 lbs trailer. Pulling the trailer back to Chicago the fuel mileage was 15.6 L per 100 km with very little wind going 65 MPH. The drive from Chicago to Minneapolis over the hills and valleys was smooth and the Chevrolet Colorado pulled the trailer with ease with the fuel mileage ranging from just 14.5 to 15.6 L per 100 km going at 65 MPH. From Minneapolis to Fargo, North Dakota driving conditions where the same and so was the fuel mileage (14.5-15.6 L per 100 Km at 65 MPH while pulling at 5,700 lbs trailer).

When they turned north on the I-29 headlining back to Winnipeg it was against strong head wind and the fuel mileage dropped from 20 to 22 L per 100 km still able to pull with ease and a smooth quiet drive.

The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado performance that can get any job done while providing exceptional fuel efficiency and overall performance. Test drive a 2017 Chevrolet Colorado today at 964 Regent Ave West at Vickar Community Chevrolet in Winnipeg, Manitoba.



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