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Access your vehicle using your phone

Chevrolet does a great job innovating ways for customer comfort.

Quick Facts:

1. The myChevrolet app is free to download from either your Google Playstore for android phones or from your Apple app store for iPhones. 

2. You don't need to have Onstar Subscription to be able to use the App some features of the app would require Onstar subscription.

3. You have 5 years remote key fob access to lock/unlock your vehicle or play with the horns and lights and if equipped remote start is available too.

4. Your phone needs to be connected either through WiFi or use your mobile data to be able to use the app


1. Log in using your existing Onstar account or create an account at or sign up through the prompts from the MyChevrolet app.

2. In case you forget what your username is, a hint would be your email. Upon setting up your OnStar account and email is required and is mostly the username. If you are having problems with your account call us at Vickar Community Chevrolet and we'll help you out.

Cool features your myChevrolet app can do:

1. No range restriction

-You can lock your vehicle or unlock it no matter how far you are from your car

-if equipped, you can remotely start your vehicle wherever you are in the world 

2. Check your vehicle status (OnStar subscription required)

-unsure if you have gas to get to work? You can check your fuel range, fuel efficiency, tire pressures and even oil life percentage before you go on the go.

3. Set parking reminders

-you can set a parking reminder (even take a picture) so that you don't forget the street where you parked you vehicle on.

4. Roadside assistance

-for a faster and more efficient assistance, easily follow the prompts on the myChevrolet app and help would be on its way. 

If you have any questions or concern contact us at 1 844 319 8919 at Vickar Community Chevrolet "where customers send their friends"


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